Facebook Ideas

Facebook Ideas
  • Subject: Facebook Ideas
  • Abstract: Some ideas for facebook site as a top social site


The most famous social network all around the world is facebook, which makes the virtual communications between humankind. Every one knows how it’s useful to find the friends, to make new friendships, to find most popular information about everything, and several other functionalities. Like these every one I am also a fan of it and I attended to this social network couple of years ago. Since I was working with this media, some luxuries ideas have been came to my mind which I would love to share them with related responsible person in facebook organization. I would love to present these ideas live by myself for more clarification, because they can be trigger points for having next generation of social networks. Here they are categorized below:

Who's Photographer?

In a picture every participant has been defined else than the photographer of that picture. As my opinion tags should include for photographer like as others.
Extention: Tags for Video Recorders, can be used as a Tags for Photographer.
Extention: The default photographer's icon should not be appear before tagging. It must be appear while the mouse cursors is hovering on the right-bottom corner of the picture for not covering the eye-sight of pictures.
Extention: After tagging a profile picture, it should be possible for the person to drag the picture and put it on to his desired corner of the view.
Extention: After tagging a profile picture, it should be possible for the person to drag the picture and put it on to his desired corner of the view.

Take Panaroma!

The picture with 360 degree of view is the most interesting scenery of that moment the photo has been taken. As an instant, the panoramic photo of President Obama's inauguration is the only prove to explicating that moment of time. And, I think it would be very appreciated for the facebook members to have this facility.

Personalize Comments

As my oponin, it would be very nice if we could identify the name of each second person by the @ sign in comments also as well as we do it in Posts.

Private Comments

I want to put a private comment to my friends but who cares. As my opinion, private comments are something useful to make our communication more secure. Private comments would come with light-red background highlighted and those are visible just for sender and receiver and other persons cannot see any of it.
Extention: These private comments can be changed to general comments which everybody can see them. In this case, their background color will be changed to blue.
Extention: Just sender of a private comment, would share the comment with other ones (from mutual friends with receiver). These are half-private comment. The half-private comments are visible for sender, receiver and selected mutual friends and other persons cannot see any of it.
Extention: The half-private comment comes with light-orange background. The public, private and half-private comments make rainbow and make a color revolution for a solid blue facebook.
Extention: So, I don’t like the conversations goes to private speech space; therefore, I think that we can clarify these private comments by only a narrow colored bar including the date and time for others (except sender and receiver). This style could be work for half-private comments, too.
Extention: As encourage people for post a public comments then, the half-private comment comes with visible narrow light-orange bar for others which is included with name of sender and shared (mutual friend) beside of date and time

Facebook & World Wide Web

This is the wildest idea for facebook that has become in my mind. Facebook can stretch itself to the size of whole web by a phoenix rebirth. You will ask, what I mean by this? Here I say:

Every single one should have a page on web. => Every single one should have a page on facebook.
Every single company or corporation or business must have a page on web. => Every single company or corporation or business must have a page on facebook.

Therefore, every university, book, and movie will have a page on facebook. These pages can be categorized under sub domains of facebook. For instant:

Pages for ordinary/ common users will be changed to the upper presented address. For example this address presents the one who is the member of facebook with the address of facebook.com/john.
Is a representator for a company with the exact similar web address of amastaneh.com and need the corporate owner’s approve on facebook confirmation request.
Is the representative of university of newyork; this address is confirmed by the address of the university website.this address is authorized and reliable based on this confirmation and it’s the official facebook address of the university. Actually this address belongs to the owner of NYU.edu domain.
This is a representative of punk’d TV show which I believe that Ashton Kutcher would confirm it.
Every artist, actor and actress has its own page and I hope that Natalie confirms her own page and makes a close relation with her fans. Makes us a picture or may answer a letter of her fans sometimes. Each page which has been authorized can be the owner of a sign or signature of facebook. The users can also trust these confirmed pages to like them.There is also the need for a basic facebook court can be used for authorizing the pages and facebook domains to make them more reliable and also it can be used for confliction cases. We are considering this court in next topic more completely. In this way for sharing information or even unofficial pictures between each site, group, corporation or institute with their related staff or distributers it would be enough to response to their membership request on facebook.

Facebook Supreme Court

Imagine that somebody with any trick introduces himself instead of a famous artist, for example Natalie Portman and gets her space on facebook (referring to Facebook & World Wide Web) and anyway also gets facebook’s confirmation and after that starts to gossip around her. In this case it’s only required for her fans to sign a petition about for getting back her domain from the fake one. Facebooks high conceal based on each sub-domain and the popularity of that artist will define the minimum required fan signatures for that petition. For instance, the minimum required signatures to appeal in front of fake Natalie Portman is 4,480 which is an amount related to her name google search results surrounded with quotes http://www.google.com/search?q=%22natalie+portman%22 ) which is about 44,800,000.
Extention: This minimum signature amount can be a number based on the members have been registered in that under appeal page.

Close Friends are closer than friends

We all have friends we can’t remove them from our friends list. Boss, not close relatives, politicians, ex-wife relatives and so on which we don’t like to visit them again and tolerating with them is too tough for us, but anyway we can not remove them from our walls. Therefor, we need a new group that we can filter all our information including wall, pictures, friends, posts and other things to them. Based on an ancient Persian proverb "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". Suggestion is too simple, close friends. In our friends list we can customize walls and the other things for our friends by a simple click on their names. A new group with name of Close friends in privacy list of friends’ presentation will be chosen to show them in our profile.
Extention: This service can be presented by the possibility to categorized all the persons in our friends list.

Medals and Ribbons

In my opinion there would be nothing else than a colored ribbon to show the sympathy with a concept. For instance the pink ribbon is for supporting breast cancer patients and I myself always loved to have this sign on my profile picture. It’s the time to standardize these ribbons by facebook consideration for people usage at least on their walls. Every body can assign a ribbon to his profile picture which comes to the most left bottom side of it. It may be only half of this ribbon on the picture and half of it put beyond the picture cadre. Every body can set the specification of his own ribbon under his profile setting; including the color, the tooltip (the text which is appearing by holding the mouse cursor on that ribbon), and also its shape.
Extention: The shape of this ribbon can be differ from something like a medal, or a cup to illustrate the last got degree, score, championship cup, sport medal, graduation hat, or any other acquired sign.

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