Need our logo? Can be used, reproduced, and modified freely in marketing communications. If you need a different format or size, please email to our press team. If you wish to use one of our logos for any other purpose, including identifying Amastaneh as a client or partner or showing our products, you must follow of bellow our trademark policy and rules. Feel free to use but don’t abuse.

General Guidelines:

For all permitted uses of our trademarks, you may not:

  • Alter our logos in any way.
  • Place a logo in such close proximity to other content that it is indistinguishable.
  • Use our logos in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Amastaneh, or approval, sponsorship, or endorsement by Amastaneh (unless allowed via license from us).
  • Use our logos in a way that is harmful, deceptive, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to the average person.
  • Use our logos on websites or other places containing content associated with hate speech, pornography, gambling, or illegal activities.
  • Use our logos to, or in connection with, content that disparages us or sullies our reputation.

Amastaneh in type:

The Amastaneh brand name always must appear in Capitalization format with its first letter as a upper-case letter and the remaining letters in lower-case letters. It's for plain text or any two color text format style. The Amastaneh name should not appear in all uppercase letters or mixed case.

  • Amastaneh™ (right)
  • AmAstaneh (wrong)
  • AmAstAneh (wrong)
  • AMASTANEH (wrong)
  • amastaneh (wrong)

But in logo type, picture format that come for promote Amastaneh with a colored picture style it's a diffrent and must be follow the Amastaneh logo's standard.

Amastaneh Logo:

For the official representation of in colored format, poster style, adv places or likes comes in logo format with all lower-case characters. The font is which colored with dark gray (HSB 0 0% 77%) on bright backgrounds.

  • HSB 0 0% 77%, RGB 197 197 197, CMYK 23% 18% 18% 0%, WEB #c5c5c5

The third character of Amastaneh comes green as PANTONE SOLID COATED 356 C

  • HSB 147 100% 47%, RGB 0 120 54, CMYK 89% 28% 100% 16%, WEB #007836

The invert forground color style of logo for dark backgrounds the gray color is HSB 0 0% 23%

  • HSB 0 0% 23%, RGB 59 59 59, CMYK 68% 62% 61% 51%, WEB #3b3b3b

It's important that said Amastaneh's logo comes with full lower-case style with Eurostile Bold font and two color but in plain text it's diffrent and comes with Capitalization format and font free. For Trademark charcter is unremovable character from the end of logo but it's not required in plain text format.

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Amastaneh Koala:

When using the Amastaneh Koala or any modification of it, proper attribution is required under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license. The Amastaneh's koala is a funny and smart character and colored with Amastaneh logo's color.

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Powered by Amastaneh:

The Powered by Amastaneh logo is to be displayed in two kind of light or dark background. You can follow of same logo colors in Powered by Amastaneh's logo.

PS: You can find more Amastaneh Koala in Gallery